Thursday, 17 September 2015

C'luin from the outland

C'luin is what is known as an "outland" mouse. That's a mouse not born on Searbay island but born on the mainland. He was discovered by a Mecha Corp patrol wandering the grasslands, injured and starving.

He was carried to island and nursed back to health. His story was all too familiar. His home destroyed, and his family killed by a predator that he didn't even clearly see. His only memory of the attack was of his family screaming as giant paws scraped away the roof to his home, and a giant betoothed maw reaching for him. He does not choose to speak of it.

C'luin fitted into the Carlyle community quickly and without trouble and soon became a trusted and reliable community member. Without prompting he took to leading the collection and processing of wood and grass for the meeting-hall fires. He it often seen out in the wilds of the island collecting bundles for drying and storage.

He has few close friends and uses few words but everyone knows and respects him. He has often paused from his own duties to help another before moving on, without waiting for signs of gratitude. During one winter feast, the community got together to shower him with gifts and other signs of honour and gratitude. He was deeply moved as everyone present could tell, but he he could not speak. In the days that followed, it was noted that he was handing out the gifts he had received but always to those who had a need. Once again proving his grace and wisdom to the community.

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