Tuesday, 8 September 2015

The Draydem Scouts

The Draydem scouts is a goup for young mice who find learning of lists difficult and thus are not suited to learning a trade that requires such education. The members of this group instead focus on self-improvement, with speed and agility being foremost. They carry messages as rapidly as possible across Searbay for all manner of reasons.

In the early days of their training to are sent into the wild parts of Searbay island to seek for berries, nuts and other wild foods which are brought back to the store houses. This is not especially  dangerous work, although the squirrels can be a danger if they think some mouse is stealing their horde of nuts. The hawks and eagles that fly over present the main danger to a mouse in the wilds, but that danger is a part of training. It’s during this training that they say the scouts develop their third eye.

“One for the grass, one for the trees, and one for the sky.”

When times are difficult and food hard to come by, the scouts venture to mainland in search of food. This tends to only happen in the very worst of years as the commune works very hard to remain self-sufficient. Such expeditions are strictly carried out in small working parties each with a member of the Mecha Corp along to offer protection. This is extremely dangerous work and members of the Draydem scouts are honored for taking part.

Many young mice that have passed through the scouts have gone on to join the Mecha Corp or Carlyle police when they come of age. Those that don’t take that route often go onto the other more physical careers such as farming, mining and boating.

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