Thursday, 3 September 2015

Searbay Island

The island of Searbay is pretty big. It's no dot on the surface of the water. Its coast has beaches and coves, and even cliffs. In general the island rises towards it's center but there is not a single noticable peak as the landscape of the island undulates.

There are woods, scrub, grass and rocky areas. Much of the woodland is deciduous, although some of the rocky areas have various sorts of pines. These areas are generally avoided by most mice as the squirrels tend to urinate on any mice that roam beneath those trees.

The island sits in a huge natural bay and has a healthy amount of water between it and the mainland beyond. The waters are often rough and rarely freeze even in the coldest of winters. There are stories told of a winter where the waters froze and bears crossed to the island. They are dark stories and many refuse to tell them.

The mainland is more mysterious and more dangerous than the island. Many mice never leave the island and of those that do, many don't return. Entire Paws of the Mecha Core have disappeared, they were seen reaching the mainland beach and climbing to the grass beyond, never to be seen again.

The beaches of the mainland front green rocky hills and the tops of trees can be seen beyond. The Corp maintains a map of the land beyond but it is considered unreliable.

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